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The Problem With Preparing User Stories In Advance

is that it lacks the “ownership” part.

Some Product Owners invest a lot of time creating user stories and provide them to the team in the sprint planning meeting.

It is an opportunity lost to explore team’s point of views and knowledge.

Stories created through such activities often serve as meaningless piece of document in the greater whole.

A good user story is complemented by the team talk. It is more on target when it is written collaboratively. A user story should be able to convey the essence of the story, not every single detail that can be imagined around the story.

The lean concept, “just enough” applies while creating user stories as well.

When it comes to grooming your backlog and envisioning the future of your product and organization at large, user story, when done as a team activity, has potential to produce wonderful results.

Don’t engage in an Agile activity just because it is a ceremony. Get the essence of it and practice it in the right way.

Great user stories are user stories that are owned by the team. If your user story has not got 100% ownership, something is wrong that needs to be fixed sooner than later.