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Should a talk on Agile engage its target audience?

“Of course it should,” would be the your answer if you know little bit about Agile concepts.

But in practice, often they do not!

I was watching a YouTube Video from an “Agile expert” who is a Global Head of Delivery with a Leading Based Software Development Company.

My expectation was: I will get new insights about agile from his practical experiences. And guess what: I am writing a blog post titled “Should a talk on Agile engage its target audience?”

Funny, isn’t it?

Not only his speech was NOT engaging, but also there were clear misconceptions communicated –  he referred to the Agile as methodology which it is not.

Agile is a framework or mindset. Sure, you may create your own methodology based on Agile but it is not a methodology.

About engaging its audience, if you really have mastered Agile mindset, everything you do, within and outside of your professional work, will confirm to core agile principles, only the context would change.

If you deliver a talk and DO not ask questions that engage your audience, no matter what other expertise you have, you are not conveying the “right” message.