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Want to Be a Part of Winning Scrum Team? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Many times project managers, product managers and delivery heads who have been practicing Command and Control for years get excited about scrum and some of the benefits it provides.

Some of the most common sources of their excitement are: reading online articles on scrum, some books on Scrum or attending an agile introduction seminar.

There’s no harm in reading and learning through above sources. However, such sources always do not provide what it takes to be a part of a scrum team.

I have encountered countless such managers who have never invested their conscious time in understanding what Scrum is and never gone through any professional guidance. Almost each one of them says that the scrum project they are part if is not well understood by the overall team, the team is not on the same page and the results produced are not so excellent.

Professional film actors possess wide range of skill-sets, knowledge and charisma but for a film to work, they need a director who makes them perform well and make the film a success.

A Scrum project is like a film which requires a producer (Product Owner), a Director (Scrum Master) and crew (team members).

No matter how great actor you are, you need a director and willingness to be coached for your film – the scrum project – to create a unique something that has never been created yet.