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Transiting to Scrum? Here’re Some Points to Keep in Mind.

In order for Scrum-transition to be successful, organization-wide, top-down efforts are required.

While transiting to Scrum, there are many challenges comprising of uncertainties and bedlam which must be dealt with.

Many organizations often find it difficult dealing with such challenges.

For example, consider the following questions:

  1. Have you cultivated deep understanding of Agile Manifesto and principles?
  2. Do you really understand that Scrum does not solve any problems, but exposes them – you will have to solve the problems yourselves.
  3. Is senior management is committed face the challenges and learn from that Scrum will expose?
  4. What would you want to do with your people who do not want to change?
  5. How will you deal with Command and Control freak managers who are not interested in Scrum and hence disengaged?

Remember, there are no right answers, only the right questions. Whatever, but be clear about your goal of initiating Scrum-transition project.

Without the clearly written goal what’s the point of attempting a Scrum-transition?