in Scrum for Beginners

Scrum Team

  • Scrum Team is one of the three scrum roles.
  • Generally consists of 7 people plus minus two – i.e. 5 or 9… however there are exceptions.
  • Individuals may come from various job titles which are insignificant.
  • It’s recommended that team sits in same room called team room, at least virtually.
  • Each person contributes his best work.
  • Individuals are expected to work beyond their preferred disciplines if that’s good for the team and the project at large.
  • manages the expectations of the product owner and helps the product owner do the same for the customers.
  • has anatomy to determine how and when to complete the work as long as the team is able to deliver the work by the deadline and within budget.
  • Estimates the size of the backlog items.
  • Commits to increments of deliverable software and delivering it.
  • accountable to the product owner for delivering as promised.
  • team members can be developers, testers, analysts, writers, architects, designers, consultants or even users.
  • In Scrum Team, nobody is anybody’s boss – there is no dictated leadership hierarchy within the team members.