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Does Your Team Think Scrum is Too Much Demanding?

After spending more than 3 years in Scrum enabled product development with several Indo-European teams, I observed something new: one of the teams was saying that Scrum is too much demanding.

Too much demanding?

Scrum requires only a fifteen minute Daily Scrum meeting plus a day or a half at the start and end of a sprint.

Is that too much?

Not that, but… perhaps…I don’t know.

Particular implementation of your “Scrum-but” may seem like too much.

If you understand Scrum, you would not have said that Scrum is too much demanding.

From the framework perspective, I haven’t seen a less demanding framework than Scrum.

But yes, if you are not committed to deliver or you don’t want to, Scrum may feel like too much demanding.

It cannot get simpler than this: Only three roles, four ceremonies and three artifacts.

I reiterate – if you feel that Scrum is too much, you’re doing it incorrectly.

There may be several non-scrum problems if you find it too much.

The teams might be doing Scrum without buying into it… Maybe it is an organization wide directive and the team needs to follow it. Scrum won’t work that way. Scrum cannot be pushed to any teams.

Or the team members have not seen the results that Scrum may provide. They may be looking at Scrum from activities perspective (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Reviews, Sprint Retrospectives, not the accomplishments perspective (working software with most valuable features, shippable).

Scrum enables the team to focus on what matters.

Sure, there would be impediments in the way but Scrum has a dedicated role (ScrumMaster) who ensures that impediments are resolved sooner than later.